Michael, Bill, Daniel, Maya, Walnes, Renee, Jacky (Aug. 28, 2015)
"When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you
without flinching, they are your Family.

Jim Butcher
Started 30 years ago in Port au Prince by Michael Geilenfeld, St. Joseph Family in Haiti has grown to three homes in Haiti. Each home has rescued it's resident population off the streets of Haiti, giving each child a warm place to live, and provides food, medicine and education. After 30 years, each of the three homes in Haiti (Port au Prince, Fermathe and Jacmel) has as it's Executive Director, a grown adult who was originally a homeless orphan or child slave. Each leader has shown natural leadership skills at an early age, has proven themselves reliable and trustworthy, and has been carefully mentored over time. The three homes in Haiti (Wings of Hope home, Wings of Hope Guest House, St. Joseph Home for Boys) have a resident student population of 100+ young adults. The three homes together employ over 80+ full-time adults. The three homes service their local communities with outreach programs, serving not just the family of young men who live at each of the homes. The three homes are nourishing and developing the future leaders of Haiti. Who knows best how to give back, than those who have been aided themselves in times of need?
Michael Post-Earthquake SJHB 2010