THE COMPUTER LABS of the St. Joseph Family
The new Computer & Internet Lab 2012 (Trinity House, Jacmel)
The new Computer & Internet Lab 2012 (St. Joseph Home for Boys, P'Ville)
Sponsored in part by generous grants from both Rotary International and CP Facey / Jamaica Property Trust (grants totaling almost $50,000), we now have three brand new computer labs with high-speed internet access at the three St. Joseph Family homes in Haiti.

These three computer labs together number over 20 new Mac Laptop computers, several used laptops and networked printers. Each lab also has a firewall router, which filters internet access, to insure that technology is used for educational learning, edu-games and special needs adaptive technology for individualized curriculum development (the rotary grant includes over $7,000 of adaptive hardware and software for the Wings of Hope home).

The children of the St. Joseph Family now have technology and internet access, the ability to develop technology skills and the training available at each of the homes for guided learning. St. Joseph children can now talk with other school children and friends from around the world, practicing language skills in the process.

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The SJHB rebuild is now complete,
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