Wings of Hope Home, Jacmel
When French missionaries announced they were leaving Haiti and needed to find care for the disabled children under their supervision, Michael took some of the older boys from the SJF home to choose one severe special-needs child to bring home and care for. The boys surprised Michael when they chose to adopt ALL of the facility's children, reminding Michael that he had taught them that with God's help, all things are possible. Indeed, Wings of Hope is now a thriving home for disabled children. Currently, the old Wings building was also destroyed in the earthquake. The children are now living at the new Wings of Hope, opened in Jacmel in January 2016.
Wings Guest House, LST School & Bakery, Jacmel
The Wings of Hope Guest House (formerly known as Trinity House), is a large building adjacent to the new Wings of Hope children's home in Jacmel. It is located in the beautiful seaside town of Jacmel, the 3rd largest city in Haiti. The Wings Guest House sits upon a beautiful 3-acre parcel overlooking a sparkling Caribbean shoreline, and is an easy 10 minute walk to a sparkling sandy beach. The Wings Guest House hosts overnight visitors, a commercial bakery (operated and staffed by SJ Family members), community and adult education programs and community outreach services. Lekol Sen Trinite school was started and is funded by the Trinity House, and is located on the second floor. Lekol Sen Trinite provides funds to allow 130 local community children attend school every year, children from Jacmel's poorest neighborhoods. These children would never have a chance for an education, if not for this wonderful program.
St. Joseph Guest House, Petionville
The St. Joseph Home for Boys was a dream that became reality
in 1985, bringing boys off the streets of Port au Prince to provide them with a Christian home and family. This Family grew from five boys living in temporary quarters to approximately 20 boys living in a large home that included comfortable guest lodging, a chapel and an art center. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti destroyed the St. Joseph in Petionville, most of the children were relocated to the SJF Trinity House in Jacmel (on the southern coast). Visiting and overnight guests are currently offered accommodations (including bed & breakfast, clean drinking water and safe facilities). These revenues help support the SJF home's operations.
St. Joseph Guest House, Petionville PAP

"I don't care if we have our house,
or a cliff ledge or a cardboard box.
Home is wherever we are all are,

James Patterson

St. Joseph Family homes
offer overnight guest accommodations
at both Jacmel & Petionville facilities.

This allows our many supporters to
stay onsite while they assist in
providing service projects for
the children and adults of
the St. Joseph Family.

Thank you!
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St. Joseph Home For Boys, Petionville PAP (2013)