7 Rays of Hope

St. Joseph Family's Prison Ministry
(founded May 2015)

Rooftop Apple Pie (06.29.16)
7 Rays Of Hope - Leadership Team (May 2015) - Michael, Liline, Romanes & Walnes (plus Bill Nathan)
Thank you for your interest in our new Prison Ministry. It is called '7 Rays of Hope'. It came into being because of the 237 days I spent in the Haitian prison system. I saw a need that was not being met. We are working with a young Haitian lawyer (Romanes Charlotin) who is part of our team. On May 29th 2015, we were successful in getting two young men released from prison. Both had been arrested when they were only 16 years old. They had been in prison for three years and had never seen a judge. Once, we got them released, we brought them to St. Joseph's, where we are giving them a clean place to call home and an education (neither of them knew how to read or write). They had been street-children prior to their arrest. The Haitian prison system does not offer educational programs. We are currently working on getting them into a trade-school. We are also sending food to some currently incarcerated prisoners who have no family contacts. We are also trying to help other prisoners connect with their families. It is a simple beginning. - Michael
Third Freedom Recipient (June 2016) - Vlad (the Romanian), with Bill Nathan

The 7 Rays of Hope level team has been hard at work this year, and their most recent effort resulted in the release of Vlad (pictured to left, with Bill). Vlad had been incarcerated for over 650 days, falsely accused and unable to afford legal representation. It was not an easy or quick process, but in the end, it was a successful one. Michael originally met Vlad during his own incarceration last year. When Michael was finally freed from his imprisonment (May 2015), the 7 Rays of Hope legal team set about working on Vlad's case, bringing dedicated and relentless legal resources to his defense. Upon his release, Vlad's first stop was at the St. Joseph Family home, where he finally got to taste his long dreamed-about slice of apple pie. Vlad's mother is over-the-moon ecstatic about his release, and she will soon be reunited with her long-lost son. Congratulations to all on this hard-fought battle to free for yet another innocent man.
First Two 'Freedom' Recipients (June 2015) - Joslyn, Romanes & John Robert
May 24th 2015 - "It's Twins!" Shouted Romanes Charlotin (gray suit, to the right). Romanes is the young Public Defender that is one of our '7 Rays of Hope'. Romanes explained to Walnes Cangas that when he located the missing dossier of Joslyn Sylvest, it had an additional name on it. The day Joslyn was arrested, he was with a companion named Jean Robert Metelus (both are also pictured to right).  Now, in addition to Joslyn Sylvest, we are also working to free Jean Robert Metelus.

May 29th 2015 - I just heard from Romanes, he got our two guys released! UNBELIEVABLE, in such a short time,with a lost dossier!

Next on our list, Vlad 'The Romanian', a young adult incarcerated and subsequently lost in the system. Without resources or family, justice eludes. We continue to provide sustenance, clothes, legal resources, contacts and friendship to other lost young adults in the Haitian prison system. There are many opportunities to bring freedom and happiness to these unfortunate people, lost and isolated without the resources to help themselves out of a bad situation. - Michael
First taste of Freedom at the Kinam Hotel (06.2015)
Joslyn Sylvest, Jean Robert Metelus and Bill Nathan

Wootrod, John Robert, Stevens, Joslyn & Emmanuel
Joslyn, Liline & Bill
John Robert, Romanes & Joslyn
Joslyn, Roland & John Robert (a teaching moment)
Joslyn - improving his basketball skills.